28 JANVIER 2022


01.Juicy Empire x Perfect Giddimani - Gimme Some Dub
02.Juicy Empire x Perfect Giddimani - Bad boy loving
03.Juicy Empire x Anthony B - Easy Rocking
04.Juicy Empire x Guive - Comme par magie
05.Juicy Empire x Anthony B & Tiwony - Strong like a Lion
06.Juicy Empire x Tiwony - Gratitude
07.Juicy Empire x Straika D - Bienvenue à toi
08.Juicy Empire x Tomawok - De Paris à Kingston
09.Juicy Empire x Lutan Fyah - Watch the signs
10.Juicy Empire x Queen Omega & Perfect - Life Is Like
11.Juicy Empire x Guive - C'est une tueuse
12.Juicy Empire x Jah Mason - Wise Up
13.Richie Spice – Greatest- Reggae Triple Shots, Vol.3
14.Lutan Fyah – Fade Away- Reggae Triple Shots, Vol.3
15.Anthony B – Want To Be Free- Reggae Triple Shots, Vol.3
16.Klyve - Lock Me Up - Serious Time Riddim
17.Turbulence - Bun Fiyah - Serious Time Riddim
18. Ras Nelson - Dem a Watch I - Serious Time Riddim
19.Empress Minott - Bless Up - Judgement Day Riddim
20.Jah Thunder - Sound Killer - Judgement Day Riddim
21.George Nooks - Judgement Day - Judgement Day Riddim
22.Th3rd Coast Roots – gimmie-your-love - Have You Ever
23.Th3rd Coast Roots – fire-it-up - Have You Ever
24.Th3rd Coast Roots – set-me-free - Have You Ever
25.Th3rd Coast Roots – have-you-ever - Have You Ever
26.Th3rd Coast Roots – what-you-need - Have You Ever
27.Teacha Dee - The Golden Rule - Serious Time Riddim
28.Rebellion The Recaller - Positive Move - Serious Time Riddim
29.Da Fuchaman - Take It Easy - Serious Time Riddim
30.Original Thriller - Ain-'t Gonna Run - Judgement Day Riddim
31.Stepper Band - im still in love- d'Alton Ellis-instrumental